Tackle Box Must-Haves: The Best Bass Lures for Every Angler

Maya Brown

September 6, 2023


If you’re ready to reel in some serious bass action this summer, you’ve come to the right place. We’re diving deep into the world of the best bass lures that’ll have these elusive creatures biting in no time. So, grab your tackle box, buckle up, and let’s explore the thrilling world of targeting this fascinating fish.

This aquatic beast encompasses numerous different species, meaning there’s a wide range of techniques and equipment you can use to land each of them. So, this selection is composed of a variety of lures – the Arbogast produces topwater poppers and jitterbugs, the Bobby Garland Crappie Baits offers an effective soft plastic lure, and the Lunker City has an excellent buzz bait in their collection.

What Kind of Fish Is Bass?

Bass, a beloved fish species among experienced and beginner anglers alike, is synonymous with thrilling battles and rewarding catches. But did you know that this name refers to a wide range of species belonging to the sunfish family?

Here’s an overview of the most common types you’ll encounter while out there on the water, each with its own unique characteristics and habitat preferences:

Species Size Distinct Features Habitat Preferences
Largemouth Bass Up to 10 lbs Wide mouth, larger compared to other species Freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers
Smallmouth Bass Up to 5 lbs Smaller mouth, bronze color, tenacious fighters Clear, cool rivers, lakes, and rocky structures
Spotted Bass Up to 4 lbs Faint spot pattern on the lower sides Freshwater rivers, lakes, reservoirs

How Can You Recognize Them?

When it comes to bass, recognizing these feisty fighters is essential for any angler worth their salt. They are typically freshwater fish, known for their elongated bodies, spiny dorsal fins, and distinctive jawlines that give them an almost perpetually grumpy expression.

Depending on the exact species, you’ll find these elusive fish sporting vibrant colors, ranging from deep greens and browns to silvery hues. Also, keep an eye out for their trademark horizontal stripes along their sides, adding to their visual appeal.

Where Can You Catch Bass?

Wondering where these magnificent creatures dwell? They can be found in various bodies of water, including lakes, ponds, rivers, and even some reservoirs. They prefer areas with adequate cover, such as submerged vegetation, fallen trees, rocky structures, and weed beds.

This fish species is known to be an ambush predator, so keep your eyes peeled near structures that offer shelter and ample hiding spots. From the lakes of the Midwest to the winding rivers of the South, these aquatic beasts are a popular catch across the United States and beyond. So, let’s look at some of the best lures for bass and prepare you for landing some of these fascinating fish.

A person holding a bass fish above the water
This magnificent beast is a favorite among anglers worldwide

The Arbogast Triple Threat Pack Provides You With a Good Variety of Topwater Lures

When it comes to igniting heart-pounding strikes and thrilling surface action, topwater lures are the go-to choice for bass fishing enthusiasts. They create irresistible commotion and mimic injured prey or vulnerable creatures skimming across the water’s surface.

However, there are plenty of different types of these topwater tackle – poppers, buzz baits, and walking baits, just to name a few. So, why not get a comprehensive pack that can give you plenty of variety while out there on the water? If that sounds like a good idea, your best bet would be the Arbogast Triple Threat Fishing Lure 3-Pack, which includes hula poppers and jitterbug lures.

Key Features of The Arbogast Triple Threat Pack

The Arbogast package is a must-have collection from a reputable manufacturer, ensuring time-tested excellence in performance. Now available in new high-tech color patterns, this $13 pack contains three frog-like pieces, and you’re offered the choice between two poppers and one jitterbug or vice versa.

The Hula Popper’s secret lies in its pulsating skirt that moves irresistibly, even during pauses, enticing largemouth bass and all of its close relatives, as well as other gamefish, into explosive topwater strikes. The Arbogast Jitterbug is equally capable of eliciting these strikes, and it’s renowned as the go-to choice for fishing at night. Its precisely angled double-cupped lip produces a loud, rhythmic, surface-busting sound that proves irresistible to these elusive creatures.

Pros and Cons of The Arbogast Triple Threat Pack

Here are the aspects that set the Arbogast Triple Threat apart from the rest of the lure options:

  • A variety of lure choices, including both poppers and jitterbugs,
  • Suitable for both day and night fishing,
  • New high-tech color patterns enhance the visual appeal,
  • Produces enticing movements and sounds,
  • Can be used with a variety of fish targets.

Now, let’s take a look at some downsides you should take into consideration:

  • Limited fishing application,
  • Some anglers might find the size not suitable for their preferred fishing technique,
  • Not the most affordable option on the market.

Customer Reviews of The Arbogast Triple Threat Pack

Customer reviews for the Arbogast Triple Threat 3-Pack have been overwhelmingly positive. Numerous satisfied anglers praise these topwater lures’ exceptional quality and outstanding performance. Many fishermen expressed their delight in landing a wide range of fish species, not limited only to our specific target, highlighting the versatility this product provides.

While a few isolated negative comments mentioned concerns about the screws’ quality, these remarks were few and far between, indicating that the overall customer experience with this product has been highly satisfactory.

A largemouth bass being pulled out of the water
Using topwater lures can be an effective way to land some of these fish

Don’t Let the Name Fool You – Bobby Garland Crappie Baits’ Soft Plastic Lure Is One of the Best Bass Fishing Lures

Plastic lures have become a staple in the tackle boxes of anglers worldwide, offering versatility and effectiveness on the water. These pieces are typically made from soft plastic materials that mimic the appearance and movement of natural baitfish and prey.

With a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors available, plastic lures can imitate various forage species, making them highly enticing to a variety of species. However, such a broad spectrum can also make it difficult to figure out which one to use for your target. So, I’m here to cut that confusion short – for bass, I highly recommend using the Bobby Garland Crappie Baits Original Soft Plastic Lure.

Key Features of Bobby Garland Crappie

This soft plastic lure manufactured by the Bobby Garland Crappie Baits company is a true gem in the world of fishing baits and lures. As a household name in the industry, this brand has become synonymous with quality and innovation. Priced at just $11, this soft plastic lure in the mesmerizing diamond dust color is a must-have for anglers seeking success on the water.

While specifically designed for crappie, it’s no secret that this lure works equally well for any species of bass. With a compact 2-inch length and a solid plastic body, this lure offers durability that stands up to the toughest fishing conditions.

Pros and Cons of Bobby Garland Crappie

Here are the biggest advantages this plastic lure brings to the table:

  • Highly-effective diamond color,
  • Lightweight design,
  • Compact body,
  • Solidly built using plastic,
  • Effective for various fish species.

On the other hand, here are some downsides to take into account:

  • Limited color options,
  • Not the most cost-effective option available on the market,
  • May require additional rigging or modifications for optimal performance.

Customer Reviews of Bobby Garland Crappie

Reviews for the Bobby Garland Crappie Baits’ Soft Plastic Lure may be limited in quantity, but they speak volumes about the exceptional quality of this product. Despite the scarcity of these reviews, all the feedback received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. Anglers who have had the opportunity to try this tackle rave about its performance, durability, and effectiveness in attracting fish.

A person holding a largemouth bass
Mimicking their natural prey will definitely get this fish to strike

The Lunker City Lure Is a Great Option if You’re Looking for Buzz Baits

Buzz baits are a common choice for anglers looking to create a commotion on the water’s surface and entice aggressive strikes from these creatures. You’ll easily recognize them, as they have a unique design with a spinning blade that creates a buzzing or whirring sound as it skims across the water.

They can be used with a variety of freshwater species, but when it comes to bass, there’s one piece of tackle that easily stands out from the crowd – the Lunker City Lure Buzz Bait. The loud noise and surface disturbance produced by this particular piece of gear makes it highly effective even in low-light conditions, thick vegetation, or around structures where the fish may be hiding.

Key Features of The Lunker City

The Lunker City Buzz Bait features a vibrant chartreuse color with a silver blade that adds flash and attraction to every cast. Weighing 3/8 ounces, it offers the perfect balance for smooth and accurate presentation, and with its reliable construction, you can rest assured that it can withstand even the toughest battles with trophy-sized bass – just make sure you’ve got the right fishing rod for the job.

Pros and Cons of The Lunker City

Here are the biggest advantages of the Lunker City Buzz Bait:

  • The vibrant color makes it really alluring for fish,
  • It has the perfect weight for optimal balance,
  • It’s specifically designed for our target.

And here are some downsides you should consider:

  • Limited color options,
  • May not be as effective for targeting other fish species,
  • Not the most affordable of available buzz baits.

Customer Reviews of The Lunker City

Just like with the last product, the reviews for the Lunker City Buzz Bait are limited in number, but all of them are overwhelmingly positive. Anglers who have had the opportunity to use this tackle have praised its effectiveness and ease of use, and this unanimous satisfaction expressed by these anglers speaks volumes about the product’s quality and performance.

Largemouth bass being pulled out of the water
Creating a disturbance on the water's surface can attract their attention

How to Choose the Best Bass Lures

When it comes to hunting for these aquatic creatures, working around their discerning nature requires anglers to carefully select the gear that not only matches their preferred angling style but the behavior of their target as well.

Here are three essential factors you should consider when selecting the perfect lure for the job:

Feeding Behavior

Consider the prevalent feeding behavior of the fish in your particular location, as that will help you narrow down your options. If they are actively chasing and feeding on baitfish near the surface, topwater poppers or buzz baits may be your best bet. But if they’re more sluggish or have a deep-water feeding pattern, opt for bottom-bouncing jigs or soft plastic worms.

Water and Weather Conditions

In clear water, choose tackle with more natural and realistic color patterns to mimic the prey. On the other hand, go for contrasting colors or vibrations if you’re angling in murky water. Additionally, adjust the lure’s size and retrieve speed based on the water temperature and the bass’s preferred activity level.

Surrounding Structures

As already mentioned, these species tend to congregate around specific structures such as rocks, vegetation, or submerged logs. So, select pieces that can effectively navigate and mimic the movement of prey in those structures.

Additional Tips Before Buying the Product

Before making the final decision, here are a few additional tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, reviews from other anglers will give you valuable insight into the effectiveness and durability of the product – you can even ask your fellow fishing companions for some recommendations. Also, consider your budget and prioritize quality over quantity – investing in well-crafted, durable pieces will ensure they withstand the test of time and numerous fishing trips.

Choose Your Favorite – It’s Time to Get Out There on the Water

Being adequately prepared and having the right tackle can make all the difference between a successful day on the water or finishing it empty-handed. With the must-haves we’ve discussed here, you’ll have no trouble choosing and stocking up on capable gear for this endeavor. So, get your buzz baits and poppers ready because it’s time to land some trophy-sized bass!