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Dive deep into an ocean of resources crafted for anglers of all levels. At Fishing Looker, we enrich your fishing experience, combining the serene beauty of nature with the thrill of the catch. Here, each angler, novice or adept, finds a treasure trove of insights, tips, and stories. Explore our extensive collection of articles, guides, and reviews. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

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  • Fishing Baits to get familiar with the art of allure in the silent conversations of the deep

  • Stories from the Sea that flow as freely as the ocean, each narrative a wave, each experience a tide


Closeup catch of one river or lake little fish, little catfish hanging on sharp fish-hook on lip with maggot sunny day outdoor on water natural background

Best Circle Hooks for Catfish

Julie Grace / February 23,2024

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Happy man, father and fishing in lake for fun bonding, hobby or relaxing together in the nature outdoors. Elderly male person laughing with son and enjoying time to catch fish on holiday by forest.

Reeling In Laughs – Hilarious Fishing Puns for Anglers

Julie Grace / February 22,2024

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Common Lionfish {Pterois volitans} is an invasive species in the Caribbean. Bahamas, December

How to Catch Lionfish – Effective Strategies You Should Consider

Georgia Michaelson / February 21,2024

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Lionfish on a coral reef

The Ultimate Guide to Lionfish Fishing – Techniques and Tips

Georgia Michaelson / February 20,2024

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Lionfish in water

Types of Lionfish – Facts You Should Know

Georgia Michaelson / February 19,2024

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Person holding a bonefish

Best Lures for Bonefish Fishing – The Ultimate Angler’s Guide

Maya Brown / February 8,2024

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What Size Fishing Hook to Use

What Are the Best Hooks for Catfishing

Julie Grace / February 6,2024

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Boat with six fishing rods at the back

How to Unstick a Telescopic Pole

Julie Grace / February 5,2024

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Person holding sunfish in hands and removing the fish hook

What Are the Best Lures for Sunfish?

Julie Grace / February 2,2024

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Boning knife, sharpening stone and space for text on grey background, flat lay

Finding the Best Fillet Knives – A Buyer’s Guide for Anglers

Julie Grace / February 1,2024

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Man hands holding fishing baits. Natural bait. The bait for carp

How to Set Up a Catfish Rig – A Step-by-Step Guide

Julie Grace / January 31,2024

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Red and green boat navigation lights. Marine navigation equipment. Glass signal light on the passenger fishing boat.

The Best Navigation Lights for Boats – A Comprehensive Guide for Safe Nighttime Sailing

Maya Brown / January 30,2024

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