Nighttime Is the Right Time – Best Night Fishing Lures

Julie Grace

May 19, 2023


If you’ve ever stayed up late trying to get just one more fish, but all your efforts have been for naught, it’s time to switch up your lure – and that means going fishing after the sun goes down. The best night fishing lures are just waiting to be discovered, so grab a flashlight, put on some bug spray, and read on as we explore what makes these lures so exciting.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Night Fishing Lure

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do, especially during the night when the stars come out to play. It’s a peaceful and serene experience, but it can also be a rewarding one. And to make sure that you catch the fish of your dreams, having the right night fishing lure is crucial. However, choosing the right lure can be challenging, especially when you’re new to the game.

The fishing process, for most people, is more than just a sport. It’s a style of living, and anglers want to try out all the types. Nighttime is a great time for anglers looking to catch some of their biggest catches. But this also means you have to consider more than just the bait – it’s all about finding that perfect lure. To maximize nocturnal luck, take into account various factors such as size and color, and you can cast away your best shot at a midnight catch with confidence.

Visibility Is the Most Important Factor

When fishing at night, you need a lure that is visible even in low-light conditions. It might seem obvious, but some lures come in dark colors, making it challenging for fish to see them. Therefore, consider choosing the best lure for night fishing with bright colors like red, yellow, and orange – colors that will easily attract a fish’s attention. Consider using glow-in-the-dark lures for increased visibility. You can also use good-quality fishing lights to make the lure more visible to the fish.

Action Is Another Thing You Should Consider

The lure’s action is equally important because it’s what will entice the fish to strike, besides the certain style of fishing. You need to consider the type of fish that you want to catch and choose a lure that has the right action. For instance, a lure with a tight wobble or erratic movements is perfect for catching bass, while a lure with a subtle swimming motion is great for catching catfish. Ensure that you choose a lure that imitates the fish’s natural prey and mimics its action.

A fisherman holding a fishing rod and lure
The lure's action will have a lot to do with how successful the night fishing will be

Consider the Noise

Believe it or not, fish can hear vibrations and sounds underwater. Therefore, choosing a lure that creates noise or vibration can attract fish that are lurking in the dark. Consider lures that have small rattles, or that cause a disturbance when they hit the water. These noises mimic the sound of a fish’s natural prey, making it more likely for the fish to take the bait.

The Size Plays an Important Role in Choosing the Right Lures

The size of the lure is just as important as the color and the action. Therefore, when choosing a night fishing lure, consider matching the lure size to the type of fish that you’re targeting. Bigger fish will require larger lures to attract their attention, as well as an adequate type of fishing. Small fish, on the other hand, will be drawn to smaller lures, so consider this when selecting the right one for you.

A person holds a fishing lure
 Size really does matter when it comes to choosing the best lure

What Are the Best Night Fishing Lures

Want to know what makes the difference between a successful catch and a disappointing night? It’s definitely picking the right lure. But since there are numerous options to choose from, how to know what to pick? These were some of the questions I had at the beginning, so don’t worry if you think there are many unanswered questions.

The good news is that with so many options available today, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have success when it comes time for lights out!

Are Jigs Best Lures for Night Fishing?

Jigs are my first option for moonlit angling. These come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find one that is suitable for any type of fish or body of water – making it versatile enough for any kind of angler.

Also, jigs can be used in all depths of water and offer a unique presentation by their ability to move around on the bottom as a real baitfish would. When it comes to color options, choose dark colors that blend into the darkness since dark colors contrast more with light than they do with other colors.

Here are three types of jigs I always recommend for night fishing:

  • Football jigs – These are an excellent option because they have a broad head that allows them to move easily over rocky and uneven surfaces.
  • Finesse jigs – Although smaller in size and lighter in weight, these are a good choice for fishing in clear water or when fish are being particularly picky.
  • Swim jigs – Designed to be fished at higher speeds, swim jugs can imitate the movement of baitfish swimming through the water. This makes them an excellent option for night fishing, where fish are more likely to be attracted to fast-moving lures.

What Do Spinnerbaits Bring to the Table?

For those seeking an exciting top-water presentation, then spinnerbaits are just what you need. Spinnerbaits come in different shapes and sizes and provide action and vibration that fish love – especially during low light hours when they are more active.

Go with fluorescent colors like yellow or white because they will be easier for predators to see in the dark. The blades also provide an extra flash which helps attract fish from further distances away as well. Choose from tandem, willow, or Colorado blade spinnerbaits.

How Can Crankbaits Help You Achieve Greatness?

Another great lure option is crankbait – especially if you’re looking for something that runs deep. Crankbaits can dive up to 30 feet depending on the model, which means they can reach depths most other lures cannot – making them ideal for deep-water fishing.

Try using darker colored baits such as black or blue since these shades stand out better against darker backgrounds, like in deeper waters where sunlight doesn’t penetrate very far beneath the surface. The options you should choose from are lipless, square bill, and deep-diving crankbaits.

Different colorful fishing baits on black background
Shine a light on your night fishing game with these top picks

Tips for Using Night Fishing Lures

With these tips for using night fishing lures, you’ll be reeling in more fish than you can shake a fishing rod at. I’ll go over how to pick the perfect lure for the job, how to use it like a pro, and even how to make those fish think they’re being seduced by a smooth-talking, charismatic bait. So grab your tackle box, and let’s get ready to make some fish feel the burn of your expertise.

Pay Attention to Moon Phase and Light Conditions

The moon phase and light conditions can have a significant impact on the behavior of fish, so it’s essential to plan your night fishing trip accordingly if you wish to land a good catch (or any at all). Additionally, pay attention to the light conditions, as fish will often move to deeper waters during bright moonlit nights. Here’s how the different moon phases and lighting conditions affect the behavior of the fish:

  • Full moon – During the full moon, fish tend to be more active and feed, making it an excellent time for night fishing. However, the increased light during full moon nights can make fish more cautious, so it’s essential to adjust your approach accordingly.
  • New moon – During the new moon, fish are less active and less likely to be feeding. However, this can make them more aggressive towards lures and bait, as they may be more willing to strike at anything that comes their way.
  • Waxing and waning moon – The waxing and waning phases of the moon can also have an impact on fishing. During the waxing phase, when the moon is moving towards a full moon, fish tend to become more active and feed. During the waning phase, when the moon is moving towards a new moon, fish tend to be less active and less likely to be feeding.
  • Moonrise and moonset – The time of moonrise and moonset can also impact fishing. During moonrise, fish tend to become more active and feed as they adjust to the increased light. During moonset, fish tend to become less active and less likely to be fed as they adjust to the decreased light.

Vary Your Retrieve Speed and Depth

It’s crucial to vary your retrieve speed and depth when night fishing. This will help you imitate the natural movements of prey and increase your chances of catching fish. Experiment with different speeds and depths until you find the right combination that works best for the conditions of the water.

Use Scents to Attract Fish

Using scents can be an effective way to attract fish at night. Fish rely on their sense of smell to locate prey, so using a scent that matches the type of baitfish in the water can increase your chances of catching fish. There are a variety of scents available on the market, including fish oils and synthetic scents, so experiment until you find the one that works best for you.

Be Patient and Persistent

Night fishing requires patience and persistence. It’s important to stay focused and keep trying until you find the right combination of lure, retrieve speed, and depth. Remember, fishing is not an exact science, and even the most experienced anglers can have nights where they don’t catch anything. Don’t give up and keep trying, and you may just catch the fish of a lifetime.

Get the Best Baits for Night Fishing and Enjoy Your Nighttime Adventure

To sum it up, night fishing with the right bait is an awesome experience! Your friends will be blown away as you take your nighttime angling to a whole new level. And, who knows? You might even surprise yourself and catch the biggest fish you’ve ever seen. Remember to have fun and bring along some warm clothing, and you can enjoy a fulfilling nighttime adventure in comfort and safety. Good luck, and happy fishing!