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An amazing prehistoric-looking beast of a fish - sought after by most anglers, and a fish I have yet to catch. I've had plenty of hookups (most on the flyrod!0, but Mister Tarpon has always won.

Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

The Best Lures for Tarpon Fishing Success

Blake Shaw / April 24,2024

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Mustad vs owner

Mustad vs. Owner – A Comprehensive Comparison of Fishing Hook Brands

Maya Brown / March 10,2024

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Closeup catch of one river or lake little fish, little catfish hanging on sharp fish-hook on lip with maggot sunny day outdoor on water natural background

Best Circle Hooks for Catfish

Julie Grace / February 23,2024

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What Size Fishing Hook to Use

What Are the Best Hooks for Catfishing

Julie Grace / February 6,2024

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A fish bait with a metal hook

Hooked on Success – Discovering the Best Lure for Bluefish of the Upcoming Season

Maya Brown / January 22,2024

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Eagle Claw vs. Mustad

Eagle Claw vs. Mustad: The Great Hook Debate

Maya Brown / November 27,2023

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Owner vs. Gamakatsu Hooks

Saltwater Standoff: Owner vs. Gamakatsu Hooks

Julie Grace / November 24,2023

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Owner Hooks

Mastering Owner Hooks: A Comprehensive Guide

Maya Brown / November 22,2023

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The Evolution of Eagle Claw Hooks

The Evolution of Eagle Claw Hooks: A Historical Dive

Maya Brown / November 16,2023

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