Hook, Line, and Sinker: The Best Tool Kits to Bring for Boat Fishing

Maya Brown

November 27, 2023


Ever found yourself in the middle of the perfect cast and realized you’ve left an essential tool ashore? Every angler has been there at least once, even the most organized ones. That’s why we’re diving deep into the best tool kits to bring for boat fishing, ensuring you’re equipped for success every time you hit the waters.

GreatNeck, Powerbuilt, and CARTMAN manufacture the best options on the market. The first two sets are specifically designed for marine use. And they have a heftier price tag. The last toolkit offers an affordable alternative if needed. No matter what you end up choosing, you’ll always be equipped and ready to tackle any challenge the sea throws your way.

What Tools Should I Carry on a Boat?

Navigating the open waters and reeling in your prized catch can be as thrilling as it is unpredictable. When surrounded by nothing but water, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard without the right tools.

No matter if you own a simple freshwater boat or some advanced type of vessel, here’s a quick list of tools that should always find a home there:

  • Wrenches and sockets,
  • Screwdrivers and pliers,
  • Nuts and bolts,
  • Multi-tool,
  • Spark plugs and fuses,
  • Jumper cables,
  • Battery terminal puller,
  • Moisture meter,
  • Tape and cutters,
  • Gorilla Super Glue.

What to Keep in a Boat Emergency Tool Kit?

The aforementioned tools ensure safety on board, but you can’t skip over the actual safety essentials. A high-quality life jacket such as the O’Brien Neoprene Life Jacket and a functional fire extinguisher should always be within arm’s reach.

Also, don’t forget about the first-aid kits. In the unpredictable environment of open waters, stocked kits of all kinds are your first lines of defense against turning minor mishaps into major problems. I recommend the WELL-STRONG Waterproof First Aid Kit. It’s a compact yet comprehensive solution, ensuring you’re prepared for the unexpected while keeping things shipshape.

Are There Toolkits Specifically Designed for Fishing Boats?

Luckily, when it comes to handy tools, the market is dotted with specialized tool kits designed with the angler in mind. These kits come packed with not just the standard tools but also those little extras tailored for the specific challenges and needs of boat fishing.

We’re about to dive deep into the world of these specialized sets, unraveling the nuts and bolts of products that will make every expedition a breeze. By the end of it, you’re guaranteed to find the best boat tool kit for your trusty vessel.

Fishermen fishing on a boat
The sea is full of surprises, so make sure you're well-equipped to tackle the challenge

The GreatNeck 191-Piece Marine Set Is One of the Best-Equipped Kits Available on the Market

The GreatNeck MS191 Marine Tool Set is like the Swiss Army knife of the fishing world. Versatile and specifically tailored for marine use, this set of tools is decked out with everything you need to tackle the unexpected.

Key Features of GreatNeck MS191 Marine Tool Set

The case of this toolkit is water-resistant, and each piece is crafted from drop-forged steel with a chrome finish. That means strength and rust resistance are ticked off the list. While there’s no way to mention each of the 191 pieces contained within, here’s a sneak peek at some of the gems you’ll find inside:

  • Hex key wrenches,
  • Combination wrenches,
  • 3/8-inch adjustable wrench,
  • Phillips and slotted screwdrivers,
  • Claw hammer,
  • Hand saw,
  • Utility knife.

Pros and Cons of GreatNeck MS191 Marine Tool Set

The biggest advantage of this particular toolset is the jaw-dropping array of pieces packed in this kit. It’s like having a miniature hardware store at your fingertips. However, quality and quantity come at a price. This toolkit will set you back around $150. But if you’re okay with such an investment, this set will serve you well for many adventures to come.

Customer Reviews of GreatNeck MS191 Marine Tool Set

While a few anglers have thrown shade at the quality of some tools, the flood of positive feedback pretty much drowns out these comments. Besides, it’s stamped with the ultimate seal of approval – it’s an Amazon’s Choice product. That means it’s a high-rated set that’s available for shipping immediately.

Two men sitting on a boat fishing
With an extensive set like this, you can tackle any problem that occurs

The Powerbuilt Marine Boat Repair Tool Set Is One of the Best-Quality Kits on the Market

If you’re ready to deck out your fishing boat with the best of the best, the Powerbuilt 83-Piece Marine Repair Tool Set should definitely be on your radar. After all, this is truly top-tier gear, where quality and sophistication meet to make your marine repair tasks a breeze.

Key Features of Powerbuilt 83-Piece Marine Repair Tool Set

With 83 pieces crafted from premium stainless steel, corrosion will be the least of your worries with this quality toolset. This gear is built to last and is ready to brave even the harsher elements with you. Moreover, the case is crush and shock-resistant, as well as watertight, ensuring a hassle-free experience on board.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

  • Pliers,
  • Key wrenches,
  • Combination wrenches,
  • Mini ratchet,
  • Drivers,
  • Mallet,
  • Metric sockets.

Pros and Cons of Powerbuilt 83-Piece Marine Repair Tool Set

When it comes to this toolset, it’s not just the fact that it’s sophisticated – these tools are as sturdy as they come and are in for the long haul. This is what sets them apart compared to other options on the market. But, as with the previous product, quality like this doesn’t come cheap. The Powerbuilt set will have you digging deeper into your pockets, with a price hovering around the $380 mark.

Customer Reviews of Powerbuilt 83-Piece Marine Repair Tool Set

The applause from the crowd is hard to ignore – many anglers praise this particular toolset for its quality and sturdiness. Most of them report that the kit has served them well for a long time, even when saltwater environments are part of the equation.  A few wallet-conscious folks are raising eyebrows at the price, but hey, budget is a personal playground, and everyone’s got their limits.

Ropes and accessories on a sailboat
This set is a great choice full of handy tools that will serve you well for a long time

The CARTMAN General Household Toolkit Is an Affordable Choice That’s Also Suitable for Boating

If the prices of the previous toolkits made your wallet quiver, there’s an option that’ll have both you and your bank account breathing easy – the CARTMAN 39-Piece General Household Kit. While it’s a superstar at home, don’t be fooled – this kit is no stranger to the open waters and makes for a handy companion on your boating escapades.

Key Features of CARTMAN 39-Piece General Household Kit

Each of the 39 pieces in this set is heat-treated and chrome-plated, turning corrosion into a distant worry. The tools call a sturdy plastic toolbox home, ensuring they’re not just organized but securely tucked away.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’re getting:

  • Hammer,
  • Pliers,
  • Screwdriver,
  • Tape measure,
  • Scissors.

Pros and Cons of CARTMAN 39-Piece General Household Kit

When it comes to the CARTMAN toolset, the affordable price tag of only around $20 is its biggest perk. Sure, you might need to toss a few more specialized tools into the mix for those unique boating needs, but even then, it still weighs in as a more wallet-friendly contender. Also, portability should not be easily overlooked – this is a compact toolset, ready to roll whenever you are, which makes it stand out in the crowd of available options.

Customer Reviews of CARTMAN 39-Piece General Household Kit

The CARTMAN kit is a best-seller on Amazon, and the chorus of satisfied customers is music to any shopper’s ears. A few negative reviews are sprinkled here and there, but these comments are easily drowned out by a sea of positivity. In a nutshell, quality at a friendly price isn’t a myth, and this handy set is living proof of that.

A rod on a motorboat
Boating equipment can be expensive, so this set stands out as an affordable choice

How to Choose the Best Tool Kits to Bring for Boat Fishing

The art of angling includes not only the usual suspects, such as fishing rods and suitable spinning reels – the open water calls for much more. When it comes to boating, that equipment list stretches out a little longer, weaving in a set of tools that can mean the difference between triumphant tales and fishing fails.

Here are the considerations that should be on your radar when choosing a toolset for your boating adventures:


It’s not just about having tools – it’s about having tools that can weather the storm – literally. After all, open water can be a harsh environment, with salt, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures all in the mix, so make sure durable materials are a part of the deal.


Each trip is a unique escapade, with different challenges and needs popping up unannounced. That’s why your toolkit should be a jack of all trades, equipped with a variety of tools ready to tackle a range of tasks.


Out on the water, space is premium real estate, and there’s no room for bulky, cumbersome toolkits. Make sure to seek out products that are compact yet comprehensive, lightweight yet loaded with all the essentials.

Additional Tips Before Buying the Product

Before you pull the trigger on that shiny new toolkit, here are a few additional tips you should take into account to ensure it’s a lifesaver out on the water:

  • Make sure to read plenty of reviews, as these real-world insights can nudge you in the right direction,
  • Tailor your toolkit choice to your boat’s specifics and the common issues or tasks you anticipate facing out on the water,
  • Always go for quality over quantity, but make sure that the product is still well-equipped.

Anchoring the Deal – Final Thoughts

There you have it – we’ve navigated the choppy waters and checked out some of the best offers on the market. It’s a sea of choices, but now that you’re armed with the right information, you’re all set to make a splash with a toolkit that won’t leave you high and dry. Here’s to smooth sailing and bountiful catches!


How Often Should I Replace or Maintain the Tools in My Boating Tool Kit?

Regular maintenance is key, so give your tools a check-up after each use to keep them in top-notch shape. Replace any tools that show signs of excessive wear or corrosion to ensure your kit’s always ready for action.

Are There Specialized Tool Kits for Different Types of Fishing Boats?

Yes, there are tool kits tailored for various fishing vessels, each equipped to handle the unique challenges of different marine environments and boat features. Always consider your specific boating needs to select a toolkit that aligns with your fishing style and environment.

Is It Necessary to Have a Professional Check My Toolkit, or Can I Manage It on My Own?

While it’s generally manageable to maintain and assess your toolkit on your own, having a professional take a glance occasionally can ensure you’re not missing out on any essential tools or maintenance steps. It’s all about striking a balance between self-assessment and professional insight to keep your toolkit shipshape.